HMG Memotropins For Injection
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HMG Memotropins For Injection


Generic name: Memotropins For Injection (national health insurance)

(1) 75 units (2) 150 units

【 package 】 low borosilicate glass control injection bottle, pharmaceutical halogenated butyl rubber plug.

5 bottles/boxes;

(1 bottle +2ml sterilization injection water)/box;

(1 bottle +2ml sodium chloride injection)/box.

[approval number] (1) 75 units (with the effect of follicle stimulating hormone) : the national drug is H20033108

(2) 150 units (with follicle stimulating hormone) : the national prescription of H20033109

(3) sterilization injection water (2ml) : national prescription H20043972

(4) sodium chloride injection (2ml: 18mg) : national prescription H20083694

[indication] is used in conjunction with velvet to promote the primary or secondary amenorrhea caused by insufficient secretion of gonadotropin and the infertility caused by ovulation.